REED CITY - Every time a person turns around there seems to be another fundraiser from sports, scouts or school clubs.

Many times, however, they don’t know what happens with the money after they’ve bought something.

The Reed City Middle School Student Council had their regular autumn fundraiser offering Club Choice products. The appealing part of this fundraiser to students was that anyone who could sell more than 18 products was thanked with a pizza party and something else very exciting.

Club Choice provided a ride through town in a stretch limousine courtesy of Affordable Limousines.

Driver Mike Petrauskas took two separate groups of 21 middle school students on a ride from the school to McDonalds which provided them with a free ice cream cone.

Students Troy Todd, Angel Wright and Zane Switzer ran into the school after their ride and all they could say was “It was so awesome!”

Michael Howe, a teacher at RCMS, was in charge of the fundraiser this year and noted on how successful it was.

“We about doubled our profits for the Student Council, bringing in close to $5000,” he said. “The money student council brings in with any of our projects benefits the students right here. We’ve bought benches and picnic tables around the school.

“We help students fund their end of school class trips if they can’t pay the whole amount. We also go shopping for a local family and provide presents and a holiday dinner.

“The kids develop a sense pride when they find out they have helped one of their own.”