Reed City seniors awarded during honors night

Reed City High School seniors stand ready to receive their award certificates during the 2018 Senior Honors Program on Wednesday, May 9. (Herald Review photo/Meghan Gunther-Haas)
Reed City High School seniors stand ready to receive their award certificates during the 2018 Senior Honors Program on Wednesday, May 9. (Herald Review photo/Meghan Gunther-Haas)

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REED CITY — Wednesday, May 9, was all about Reed City High School seniors, as the soon-to-be graduates were recognized for their achievements with dinner and an honors program.

Parents clapped and snapped pictures as students lined the gymnasium floor while teachers and community members handed out different certificates, medals or cords. The event brought seniors one step closer to graduation, which is set for 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 24.

The 2018 Senior Honors Program recognitions included:


Band Awards: Connor Cornelius, Ivy Fudge, Anna Hamner, Nick Houde, Emma McCleary, Madelin Mora, Allison Obermier and Brett Walker

English Awards: Excellence — Jade Ebels, Lorenz Hoernel, Catherine Kettner, Emma McCleary, Madelin Mora, Allison Obermier, Alyssa Olds, Maddisyn Paine, Allison Roberts and Devin Willard; Achievement — Kiera Barker, Benny Chan, Anna Hamner, Hunter Morrison, Seth Phelps, Madison Prusakiewicz, Sidni Rushford and Brett Walker

Spanish Awards: Excellence — Kiera Barker, Carmen Guy, Katherine Kettner, Clover Krainik, Chloe McClain, Emma McCleary, Madelin Mora, Hunter Morrison, Allison Obermier, Hana Ondrus, Allison Roberts, Makayla Roggow, Jordan Root, Emily Ruppert, Madison Sunderlin and Mikayla Tupper; Achievement — Katie Bittner, Benny Chan, Anna Hamner, Lorenz Hoernel, Alanna Nelson, Alyssa Olds, Madison Prusakiewicz, Sidni Rushford, Marissa Russell, Jordyn Storch, Devin Willard, Sean Wineman, Jocelyn Wirth and Dylan Wyman

Math Awards: Excellence — Ching Hang Benny Chan, Jade Ebels, Lorenz Hoernel, Hunter Morrison, Allison Obermier and Sean Wineman; Achievement — Kiera Barker, Mia Hille, Emma McCleary, Madelin Mora, Alyssa Olds, Maddisyn Paine, Seth Phelps, Sidni Rushford, Brett Walker and Devin Willard; Alps — Ching Hang Benny Chan, Jade Ebels, Mia Hille, Lorenze Hoernel, Madelin Mora, Hunter Morrison, Allison Obermier, Maddisyn Paine, Brett Walker and Sean Wineman

Physical Education Awards: Emily Libey, Jackson Miller, Tyler Powers, Parker Ward and Devin Yonkin

Science Awards: Excellence — Kiera Barker, Benny Chan, Jade Ebels, Mia Hille, Lorenz Hoernel, Catherine Kettner, Emma McCleary, Hunter Morrison, Alyssa Olds, Seth Phelps, Allison Roberts, Jordan Root, Emily Ruppert, Sidni Rushford, Brett Walker, Devin Willard and Sean Wineman; Achievement — Connor Cornelius, Carmen Guy, Anna Hamner, Clover Krainik, Jackson Miller, Madelin Mora, Alanna Nelson, Allison Obermier, Hana Ondrus, Maddisyn Paine, Madison Prusakiewicz, Makayla Roggow, Rikki Saez, Sara Spedowski, Jordan Storch, Madison Sunderlin, Matt Swales, Parker Ward, Dylan Wyman and Devin Yonkin

Social Studies Awards: Achievement — Ching Hang Benny Chan, Jade Ebels, Katelin Goodburn, Anna Hamner, Mia Hille, Lorenz Hoernel, Catherine Kettner, Clover Krainik, Breanna Lenahan, Chloe McClain, Emma McCleary, Madelin Mora, Hunter Morrison, Alanna Nelson, Allison Obermier, Alyssa Olds, Maddisyn Paine, Seth Phelps, Madison Prusakiewicz, Allison Roberts, Makayla Roggow, Jordan Root, Emily Ruppert, Adam Strach, Madison Sunderlin, Brett Walker, Devin Willard, Sean Wineman, Jocelyn Wirth and Devin Yonkin


CSAA All Academic: Kiera Barker, Jade Ebels, Bryce Grannis, Lorenz Hoernel, Catherine Kettner, Clover Krainik, Breanna Lenahan, Abigail Lewis, Emma McCleary, Madelin Mora, Hunter Morrison, Alanna Nelson, Allison Obermier, Alyssa Olds, Madisyn Paine, Seth Phelps, Allison Roberts, Makayla Roggow, Emily Ruppert, Sidni Rushford, Sara Spedowski, Jordan Storch, Brett Walker and Devin Willard

ASFCME Local 1609 FSU Scholarship: Hana Ondrus

Ferris Distinguished Alumni Scholarship: Marissa Russell

Ferris Faculty Association Scholarship: Allison Roberts

RCAPS Employee Scholarship: Madison Prusakiewicz, Makayla Roggow and Devin Willard

Grand Rapids Building Services Scholarship: Madison Sunderlin

Lou B. Winsor Masonic Lodge Reed City: Alanna Nelson and Marissa Russell

Osceola County Community Foundation: Carmen Guy, Lorenz Hoernel, Emma McCleary, Madelin Mora, Hunter Morrison, Alanna Nelson, Alyssa Olds, Maddisyn Paine, Seth Phelps, Allsion Roberts, Makayla Roggow, Emily Ruppert, Sidni Rushford, Madison Sunderlin, Parker Ward, Devin Willard and Sean Wineman

4-H Awards: Alanna Nelson, Ciara Laramore, Emily Ruppert, Eric Griffin and Jade Ebels

Career Center Honor Cords: Hanna Andrews, Phoenix DeBoer, Charles Elliott, Kayla Fleming, Katelin Goodburn, Bryce Grannis, Dilan Hooper, Chase Hyzer, Ciara Laramore, Robert Lawrence, Breanna Lenahan, Amber Letter, Abigail Lewis, Allison Meese, Emily Nehmer, Alanna Nelson, Heather Ostrander, Bradley Rogowski, Damion Stinson, Madison Sunderlin, Matt Swales, Olivia Thompson, Haleigh Welch, Dylan Wyman and Taylor Wymer

Honor Roll (3.0-3.29): Hannah Boza, Kayla Fleming, Ivy Fudge, Carmen Guy, Olivia Howell, Karsten Koopman, Jackson Miller, Christan Parson, Tyler Powers, Adam Strach, Mattew Swales, Jett White, Magnolia White and Dylan Wyman

Cum Laude (3.3-3.69): Katie Bittner, Connor Cornelius, Rebecca DuBreuil, Bryce Grannis, Anna Hamner, Ciara Laramore, Amber Letter, Abigail Lewis, Emily Libey, Chole McClain, Allison Meese, Alanna Nelson, Hana Ondrus, Madison Prusakiewicz, Makayla Roggow, Marissa Russell, Rikki Saez, Sara Spedowski, Damion Stinson, Jordyn Storch, Madison Sunderlin, Olivia Thompson, Parker Ward and Devin Yonkin

Magna Cum Laude (3.7-3.89): Kiera Barker, Katelin Goodburn, Clover Krainik, Breanna Lenahan, Jordan Root, Emily Ruppert, Sidni Rushford and Jocelyn Wirth

Summa Cum Laude (3.9-4.0): Catherine Kettner, Emma McCleary, Madelin Mora, Hunter Morrison, Alyssa Olds, Maddisyn Paine, Seth Phelps, Allison Roberts, Brett Walker and Devin Willard

Senior Scholars (GPA +SAT): Ching Hang Benny Chan, Jade Ebels, Mia Hille, Lorenz Hoernel, Allison Obermier, Britney Williams and Sean Wineman