Reed City restaurant cooks up mammoth burger challenge

REED CITY — It’s big. REALLY big.

The cook staff at Reed City’s Nestle Inn are waiting for someone to come along willing and able to take on their latest culinary creation.

It won’t be easy.

The team have created a burger aptly and appropriately entitled “The Goliath”, and it is, indeed, a sandwich of Biblical proportions.

“This is just a creation we came up with one afternoon with an eye to bringing folks into town,” said Rich Pemberton, Nestle Inn co-owner and chef.

“Someone came up with the idea of a massive burger — and this is massive.”

The recipe is simple and the fixins’ are local. One burger is made up of:

  • Three pounds of fresh Vic’s Market ground beef;
  • One pound bacon;
  • One pound cheese;
  • Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle; and
  • A monster bun from Wright’s Bakery and served with a pound of fries.

“We serve it up, and if you eat it all in one sitting, you get the Goliath for free,” said Pemberton.

If you can’t finish it ... pay your bill and get a pat on the back for trying.

The Nestle Inn team say there has been a lot of interest, and some interesting comments, but no one has yet been brave enough to take the Goliath challenge.

“No takers ... not yet,” said co-owner Shari Holben with a smile.

“We’re waiting.”

The Nestle Inn team plan on having Kel’s Closet in Reed City make up congratulatory T-shirts, and also plan a Wall of Fame to those who defeat Goliath, as well as an Wall of ... er ... Honorable Mention to those who tried but couldn’t quite make it.

The folks at Nestle Inn think there may be a lot of Davidian hopefuls out there thinking they can take on Goliath, but also believe the challenge is pretty rock solid.

It’ll take more than a stone in a slingshot to beat this Goliath.