Reed City police reports

If you see any suspicious activity, call 911. For a non-emergency call 832-3255. Email tips to

  • 11/21
  • Officers received a complaint regarding bullying. The matter is under investigation.
  • The Lake County Sheriff’s Department notified officers they were holding a 39-year-old male who held a warrant out of the 77th District Court. A Reed City police officer picked the individual up and transported him to the Osceola County Jail where he was lodged without incident.
  • Officers received a report of a juvenile in possession of a small amount of marijuana. The matter has been turned over to probate court for review.


  • Officers were dispatched to a personal property damage accident where a man backed into a sign post. No injuries were reported.
  • Officers were notified of a harassment situation. Officers made contact with those involved and advised them to avoid contact. They also were warned not to make any threatening or harassing phone calls or they could be charged with a misdemeanor under the city ordinance. Three individuals were served No Trespassing notices prohibiting them from returning the property.


  • Officers were requested to perform a standby while a recently separated male was picked up to be transported out of town. The woman stated she didn’t want any trouble from the ex-girl friend. Officers waited at the meeting spot and witnessed no problems.


  • Officers were dispatched to assist the Michigan State Police, while they performed a vehicle search.


  • Officers assisted in the search for a dog that slipped out the door when its owner opened it. Officers located and returned the dog, issuing a verbal warning for a dog at large.
  • Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding a dispute between parents and child custody/pickup arrangements. Officers explained the situation was a civil matter and to contact the Friend of the Court.
  • Officers were dispatched to local bank regarding a deposit that was accidentally made into the wrong family members account. That person had withdrawn the money and was refusing to return it. Once the officer arrived the money had been returned. Case closed.
  • Officers located vehicles parked in handicap spaces at a local apartment complex. Upon issuing a citation the owner of one vehicle became argumentative stating it was private property. He was advised that since the parking lot is available to the public and visitors for parking it was in fact enforceable. It also was pointed out to him that another individual with handicap parking privileges was parked a distance from the building due to his vehicle taking up a spot. The individual continued to be angry and argumentative. He was issued a citation and officers cleared.
  • Officers were dispatched to local residence regarding a noise complaint. Officers spoke with the home owner who stated that it was a new sound system and he was unaware of how loud it was. The music was turned down. The owner was given a verbal warning and advised any further problem would result in a citation.


  • Officers were dispatched back to a local residence regarding a second noise complaint. When officers arrived no one was home and there was no sound coming from the home.


  • Officers were dispatched to take a report on a domestic assault that had taken place during a child exchange. The matter is pending review by the Osceola County Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Officers were dispatched to a larceny from a vehicle. Items had been taken from the bed of the pickup. The matter is under investigation.