Reed City plans hydrant flushing

REED CITY — The City of Reed City Water Department plans to begin flushing the main water system as part of its routine maintenance.

Employees will begin flushing hydrants on Thursday, Oct. 24 at midnight and expect to be complete by Friday, Oct. 25 at 6 a.m.

It is necessary to flush the system to remove the sedimentation that accumulates in the water main throughout the year. Over the course of two days, hydrants across town will systematically be opened to scour the lines and remove build-up.

During this time, residents may experience rusty or colored water. This is normal during the flushing due to the increased pressure. If experiencing rust-colored water, run water through a cold water tap, indoors or outdoors, for a few minutes or until the water runs clear. Avoid doing laundry during this time, as clothes may become stained.