Reed City gears up for Crossroads Celebration

REED CITY — Summer may be drawing to a close, but there still is time make some memories.

Reed City will be the epicenter of reminiscing for old friends, family fun and much more this weekend during the Great American Crossroads Celebration, which kicks off on Thursday, Aug. 18, and runs through Sunday, Aug. 21.

Once known as Reed City Depot Days, organizers for this year's installment of the annual festival have a schedule full of activities for every member of the family, said Chastity Eads, executive director of the Reed City Chamber of Commerce.

"We have spread out events for everyone throughout the weekend," she said. "We try to have events that can hit each age group."

This year's four-day festival includes a carnival and rides for kids, softball tournaments and live music for adults, yard games and an arts and crafts show for families, as well the chicken barbecue and carnival bingo for the older generation, Eads said.

"We really try to have as many cross-generational events as we can, so everyone can enjoy parts of the city," she said. "That's probably why the Great American Crossroads Celebration is a little bit different than some other events — we incorporate the whole town, from downtown to the parks."

One addition to the Crossroads Celebration this year will be the fire run challenge on Saturday morning, put on by the Reed City Firefighter's Foundation, Eads explained.

"It's going to be an 'Amazing Race' type of event," she said. "They are raising money to benefit the fire department, but it's something that will draw a lot of interest."

Returning to this year's festival is the Reed City High School all-class reunion held at the beverage area, which again will be located downtown.

"It will be a popular weekend to come home to Reed City," Eads said. "There are six classes that have their reunions scheduled around the weekend.

"We are able to block the beverage area off from traffic, and there will be live music," she said. "It worked well last year having the reunion held over two nights. It was a lot of fun for them."

This weekend's events will be the culmination of nearly nine months of planning and organizing by the board, Eads said.

"We begin meeting every month in January," she said. "Leading up to the summer months, we start meeting every couple of weeks as the festival approaches."

Eads is quick to point out the board members aren't the only ones who make the festival happen.

"The board is made up of eight individuals," she said. "However, all of the other events, from the book sale to the bingo, it takes a whole community to be willing to be a part of the festival to make it happen. The chamber board works with them, and works with the city to make it a fun event.

"Hopefully, any bad weather holds off, because it's going to be a great time to see people," Eads added. "There will be a lot of people who come in for the weekend to see family and friends."

For additional information or to register for any of the events, visit or the Reed City Chamber of Commerce website,