Reed City considering July 4th fireworks

'We still need to celebrate our country'

REED CITY -- The Reed City city council is considering hosting their own Fourth of July fireworks display.

Mayor Trevor Guiles brought the topic up for discussion at the recent council meeting.

"Some of the council members and I have been talking by phone since the COVID-19 thing started," Guiles said. "Our though was, that since nobody is having firework around here, and we still need to celebrate and support our country, especially with all that is going on right now, having the city do this could be a boon to our community."

Council members expressed concern about bringing people into the city with the COVID-19 numbers still going up.

"I believe that if the people are staying far enough apart, that won't be an issue," Guiles said.

Council member Carol Tillotson added that it would be an outdoor event, and the people would not be gathered in one area, but would be separated from one another, so it might not be an issue.

Guiles suggested they could talk with Richmond county officials to see of they are willing to participate and possibly share the cost of having the fireworks.

"We talked about contacting the township to see if we could work together and possibly have them at the airport," Guiles said.

Guiles added that they could speak with local businesses to get them to sponsor the event much the same as they do other local events, in order to defray the cost to the city.

"Sponsorships would be good advertising and bringing people into the community would help those businesses," Council member Nate Bailey said. "If we use this opportunity to work together with the township, that could benefit us moving forward, as well. I would be willing to donate whatever time and other resources are needed to help make this happen."

Some council members questioned the timing of the plan, saying there may not be enough time to pull everything together by July 4.

Tillotson suggested that if the fireworks were not possible, perhaps the city could consider another form of celebration such as music in the park.

For the fireworks to take place, city officials will need to contact township officials, find a contractor to do the fireworks, and designate a place for them to happen.

"We don't really have a proposal nailed down, there are questions that need to be answered," City Manager Ron Howell said. "Once we do that, then a special meeting can be called to make it official."

Council members agreed to investigate the possibility of having the fireworks in conjunction with Richmond township.