Banner honors donors to Reed City ice rink

Funds to go toward buying sporting equipment

REED CITY — A banner honoring Reed City businesses and individuals who donated to financially support the city’s new ice rink was placed on the billboard near the rink last week.

Reed City council member Dan Burchette told the that Pioneer he has received over $5,000 in donations in support of the ice rink.

“We have raised a ton of money for this, and a banner is going up with all the sponsors that donated money and materials for it,” Burchette said. “I spent about three days walking around talking to businesses, and they have been very supportive. We wanted to show our appreciation for those who have supported this effort.”

Burchette said in addition to the $5,000 that he is aware of, even more has been sent in to the city offices. 

The funds will be used to purchase hockey sticks for local kids and broomball equipment for use on the rink next winter, he said. 
Additional funds will be used to put in restrooms and provide a heated area for warming up while using the ice rink. 


Reed City Outdoors, a newly established community group interested in promoting outdoor activities in the city, has started a Thursday night hockey game at the ice rink for anyone interested in playing.

“We are doing hockey on Thursday nights there, and we would like to get the word out that we are doing this,” Burchette said. “We will be there this coming Thursday, weather permitting. If it is warm, they won’t play.”

Hockey players meet at 7 p.m. at the ice rink. It is open to anyone wanting to participate in a hockey game. All skill levels are welcome.

“We are trying to get the kids involved more in the hockey,” Burchette said.  “It’s very informal, and you don’t have to know anything about hockey to play. It is just an opportunity to get together and enjoy some outdoor activities.”

To stay updated on ice rink activities, follow the Reed City Outdoors Facebook page.