REED CITY -- The Reed City city hall re-opened to the public, on July 29, under a newly developed safety plan intended to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

City Hall was closed to the public on July 13, after three out of four staff members tested positive for COVID-19, including city manager Ron Howell.

"Council determined at that time that it would be best to close the office to the public for safety reasons," Howell said.

At a city council meeting on July 20, the council voted to keep the office closed to the public until a safe re-opening plan could be implemented.

Osceola County Emergency Management director Mark Watkins worked with Howell to develop and implement a safe re-opening plan.

As part of the re-opening, residents are being asked to call ahead before coming to city hall so that staff can be prepared and lessen the amount of time required to complete their business.

Anyone visiting city hall will be required to wear a face covering and will be asked to observe social distancing guidelines.

Residents are being encouraged to continue using online bill pay and the drop box outside city hall as much as possible to limit the need to come into the building.

In addition, staff will be expected to self-monitor and report any symptoms. Symptomatic employees will be directed to work remotely and will be screened by health officials prior to returning to the office.

Staff will be provided with necessary PPE and cleaning supplies, and will be expected to disinfect their designated workstations, desks, counters and any frequently touched surfaces, as well as any equipment that is shared by employees.

Face coverings and social distancing will be observed by staff as deemed necessary.

All packages and mail received will be disinfected prior to opening or distributing.

All employees who tested positive for COVID-19 have now been cleared to return to work.

For additional information visit or call (231) 832-2245.