Reed City adjusts graduation plans

Ceremony to require masks, temperature checks before July 17 event

REED CITY -- After an increase in Michigan's confirmed coronavirus cases, Reed City High School has made some adjustments to its graduation plans.

A letter posted to the Reed City Area Public Schools' website stated because of the increase, having more than 100 people in a given area would no longer be allowed.

"We know this is a change in plans, and we truly empathize as we know this may be yet another disappointment," the letter stated. "However, our ultimate goal is to celebrate our graduates and bring closure to their high school experience by allowing them to walk across the stage with their loved ones in attendance."

As of Thursday evening when the letter was posted, 38 cases of coronavirus had been confirmed in Osceola County, according to the Central Michigan District Health Department.

The state of Michigan has now reported more than 68,000 confirmed cases.

A graduation ceremony will still take place July 17 on the RCHS football field, but will now consist of six smaller commencements spanning from 4:30-8:45 p.m.

To keep numbers low, students also are being asked to bring no more than four family members and drive to the school in one vehicle if possible.

Graduating seniors and their families also will be asked to wear masks, and seniors will have their temperatures taken upon entering the football field.

Those with a temperature of 100.3 degrees or higher will not be allowed to participate.

With the recent spike in cases, the high school previously made the decision to cancel prom as well. Prom would have taken place July 18.

In a letter posted to the school district's Facebook page July 1, high school staff said it was necessary to make a decision sooner rather than later for planning purposes.

"We tried to hold out as long as we could to make prom happen, but felt to be fair to you and our vendors with two weeks left until the event, we needed to make a final decision," the letter stated.

While rules and regulations surrounding the coronavirus continue to change, individuals may stay updated on RCHS' graduation plans by visiting the school district's website at or visit its Facebook page @Reedcityschools.