Reed City Tool given 'OK' to pave new parking lot

REED CITY — Reed City Tool has been given the authorization by Reed City Council to improve the roadway on South Savage Street and pave a portion of the small lot west of it to use as a parking lot for visitors and employees.

During a meeting in May, Reed City Tool Owner Rod Weck addressed the council and said he purchased the lot on South Savage Street in December 2012 because there is no room on the current site for expansion.

He wants to upgrade South Savage Street, which leads into the business and the company’s parking lot, because it is inadequate for its growing needs and is in disrepair. His final plan is to construct a 20,000-square-foot building on the empty lot, but needs a variance of 10 feet to provide him with enough space.

Though council members were supportive of the expansion and the possibility of it bringing additional jobs to the city, they want more time to discuss the variance and look at other options, including improving the roadway near the business on Lincoln Street.

At the June 17 city council meeting, Reed City Manager Ron Howell said it would cost Reed City Tool about $191,000 to improve Lincoln Street. Instead of presenting the option to the company, he recommended council members authorize Reed City Tool to begin improvements to South Savage Street, place a “no through trucks” sign and create a small parking lot on the property. Council members approved the motion.

A vote on allowing Reed City Tool to begin construction of an additional building is expected to take place at a future council meeting.

In other business, a motion was approved to allow the fire department to accept a bid of about $3,000 for a 1979 Jeep. The collected funds will be used toward the department’s new Gator.

At the meeting, council members also approved:

n A motion to accept a bid of $520 per dry-standard ton of ferric chloride from Web Chemical Services for the waste water treatment plant;

• A motion for Reed City Rotary members to install a new flag pole at the entrance to the city;

• A motion to refuse the purchase of a foreclosed property;

• A motion to allow a charitable gaming license for the Reed City Senior Center;

• The renewal of property and liability insurance;

• A motion for the fire department to place a 1987 pumper truck up for bids; and

• A motion to allow the city to switch cell phone companies from Sprint to Verizon.