REED CITY -- Reed City Area Public Schools likely will be facing a decrease $650-700 in per-pupil funding going into next year due to economic fallout caused by the coronavirus.

"These are the most consistent numbers we've heard in a long time," Interim Superintendent Dean McGuire said at Monday's school board meeting.

McGuire noted new numbers are reported daily.

McGuire said for June, July and August, the school could be in a $216,000 deficit, with the potential for that number to increase over the next couple of school years.

"We do not think this is going to be just the one school year," he said.

While facing budgeting issues, the board of education also is looking to hire a superintendent, assistant principal, third and fourth grade teachers, a special education teacher, and potentially a math teacher and an art teacher.

However, McGuire said positions are all dependent upon what is left over in the school's fund balance.

"Where does the board want to end the 2020-21 school year with a fund balance?" he asked. "By answering that question, that allows us to move forward, or not move forward, with certain hires at this time."

Board members also noted if school is not taught in-person by the fall, there may be no need to make new hires. However, McGuire said this is not something that they can count on moving forward.

"Do we need to fill those positions? I don't know. That's the problem. Right now, everything is up in the air," McGuire said.

He also said while facing shortcomings in the budget, he would rather see them not hire certain positions than lay off current positions or cut programming.

"I'm guessing the hope is to keep everyone on board. I'm assuming right now if we can without damaging programming. I mean, we want to make sure we can provide a great education for our kids," McGuire said, noting the district is not looking at getting rid of any staff if they do not have to.

The board is scheduled to meet for its next virtual meeting at 7 p.m. June 15.