Reed City Housing completes $150,000 renovations

Pavillion, sidewalks added in upgrade

REED CITY – Residents at Meadowview Village now have an upgraded housing facillity after a $150,000 renovation project was completed.

The project included renovation of the main entrance to the senior building, the addition of sidewalks off the lobby area, a new pavillion, two smoke shelters and an extensive drainage project on the building.

Howard Welch said he enjoys living in Meadowview Village very much. The senior resident showed his appreciation of the housing by donating an outdoor patio table and chairs to sit near the newly-renovated main entrance of the senior building.

“I had some extra money, so I bought (the table and chairs),” Welch said.

Along with Welch’s donation, another resident, Robert Swinehart, donated a grill and wooden glider swing and

housing program specialist Annette Walters donated eight flower pots and a patio table and chairs for the courtyard.

“It was really cool. They were all so generous,” said Anjanette Shoemaker, executive director of Reed City Housing Commission.

On July 25, village residents, administrators and board members came together for a lunch and ceremony to celebrate the project completed by Steve Jones Construction.

“We appreciate all the cooperation we received from each and every resident during the construction and completion of the project,” Shoemaker said during the ceremony.

The Jack Burton band serenaded residents while some ate lunch in the new pavillion, which dons a sign reading, “Peaceful Gathering Place.”

The new pavillion will serve senior and family residents in Meadowview Village’s 101 apartments. The two new smoke shelters - small sheds with chairs for smokers and bins for cigarette butts - were built after the facility went completely smoke-free on Jan. 1.

“I think the smoke sheds have brought people together because they have to get out of their apartments,” Walters said.

The project was funded by the Reed City Housing Commission’s capital funding program from 2010 and 2011.