Ebels General Store to add coffee shop, clothing department

Bob Ebel: 'We are hoping that we can be open in April'

REED CITY — Ebels General Store shoppers can look forward to new additions to the Reed City location. The family-owned grocery store is expanding into the plaza next door with a new coffee shop and a quality clothing and shoe department.

The Reed City location first opened to much fanfare in June 2021 and has been serving customers with its well-known offerings like meat processing, extensive grocery options, and catering. 

CFO Bob Ebel said the decision to purchase the plaza space will allow them to grow their capacity to serve Reed City residents. 

"The plaza building next to us did have some tenants in it when we purchased the property here two years ago,” Ebel said. “We decided to renovate that building and make a new space for our full line, with a clothing and footwear store. Then we're also going to have our coffee shop in the same building that'll hit, and then it'll be a drive-through coffee shop on the south end as well.” 

The new coffee shop will be named The Bridge and will provide a range of caffeinated beverages. 

Ebel said the new addition will include a range of new items that will pair well with the rest of what is offered at the main store. 

“Since opening, business has been good, we've gotten a lot of community support in we are blessed to be here to serve them,” Ebel said. “Our mission statement as a company is for the Lord to make this a blessing in the place that he's put us, as my grandfather says, and that's truly what we're what we strive to do. We want to bless our customers, our community, and our employees. That's kind of our driving force. We hope that we are providing a blessing to people by having the stores here and providing fresh produce, fresh meats and full grocery. With our clothing and footwear, we’d like it to be just a great place to pick up high-quality clothing.”

“With our coffee shop, the theme behind that is good coffee, good people,” he added. “We want to make it a place for people that make a bridge and come together and do life. We are hoping that we can be open in April of this spring, basically. As we all know, the supply chain is subject to change and challenges. So that's, that's our goal, that we'll see we can make it happen.” 

Construction on the new store expansion beside the general store is already underway and will continue through the spring. For more information on Ebels General Store and their Reed City location, visit the store’s website at www.ebelsgeneralstore.com