Reed City Council election candidates run unopposed

Evart council free from polls

REED CITY — Four Reed City Council members are up for re-election for three four-year terms and one two-year term.

David Bisbee, Bonnie Danzeisen, Karen McKinney and Carol Tillotson will be on the ballot and are unopposed.

Danzeisen, current Reed City mayor, has served on council since November 2006. Bisbee began serving on the council in January 2009 and McKinney began serving in November 2012. Tillotson is the newest member of the council, appointed in December 2013 following the passing of former council member Phil Rathbun.

The top three candidates with the most votes will receive the four-year terms, while the candidate with the lowest vote will receive the two-year term.

No Evart City Council candidates are up for election this year.