Reed City Area Public Schools kickoff homecoming with parade

Hundreds of community members lined the streets of Reed City on Friday to celebrate homecoming. The evening began with a parade of members of the local police and fire departments, community members and Reed City Area Public Schools marching band, sports teams and clubs. (Herald Review photos/Meghan Haas)

The Reed City High School marching band leads fellow school groups, such as cheerleaders and junior varsity, varsity football and robotics teams.

Axel Langworthy (left) and Emery Kailing (right) race to retrieve candy that was tossed during the parade.

Vance Jacobs shows his family the suckers he collected into a candy bouquet during the parade.

Reed City community members sit and wave as members of the local police and fire departments drive by, while younger area residents eagerly await the candy that will be tossed their way.

Students from each of the high school classes rode through the parade in trucks or on decorative floats.

The robotics team showed its robot during the parade. The robot rolled through the parade route, propelling dodge balls at team members.