Red Tail Brewery awaits city loan

REED CITY — Local businessman Kevin Murphy discussed the future of the pending Red Tail Brewery and the possibility of receiving a loan from the city during Monday's Reed City Council meeting.

Murphy said he is still remodeling the building, located on Upton Avenue, and needs to finish before the state will visit the site for an inspection. After the inspection, he expects to receive a licence to brew on site.

If everything goes smoothly, Murphy said he believes the brewery could open in four to five months.

"What I plan on doing when I start is to open as a one-barrel system and offer subs, soups and salads," Murphy said. "Eventually I'd like to make wine."

Once ready to open, he expects to hire at least three employees, and then three more once the brewery's business increases. Beer will be brewed by Murphy on site.

City council members also addressed Murphy's application for a city-given loan of $10,000, which will be used to further renovate the building. Although the City's Revolving Loan Committee recommended giving the loan to Murphy, city council members needed more information.

The council asked Reed City Manager Ron Howell to gather additional details regarding the brewery project plans, how city loans have been done in the past with other individuals, and a recommendation on the loan's interest rate and payment plan.

A special meeting is expected to take place at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 28, at Reed City Hall to discuss the brewery loan and other unfinished business.