While it was bright and sunny on Thursday, local children learned about what to do in gloomy situations at the Reed City Area District Library. Cheryl Tacoma and Nate Craddock of the West Michigan branch of the American Red Cross spoke with attendees about getting to shelter during a tornado and getting out of a building if there is a fire. Craddox also told attendees about the Pillowcase Program, which encourages families to pack essentials in a pillowcase they could easily grab in the event of a tornado or winter storm. (Pictured) Laylah Knickerbocker colors on her pillowcase after the presentation. (Herald Review photos/Meghan Gunther-Haas)

Elleni Yiberhu and her mom, Antoinette, flip through a workbook Tacoma and Craddock gave them, which lists some of the many things that could go into a pillowcase for emergencies, such as a flashlight, batteries, a radio,toothbrush and toothpaste, a change of clothes and more.

Tacoma (left) and Craddock spend part of Thursday’s program teaching children about fire safety, including the amount of time in which families should leave a burning building. Tacoma and Craddock said families should get themselves out of a burning building in less than two minutes and had attendees hold up two fingers as a reminder. They also discouraged jumping from a window if they are trapped above the ground floor, and instead suggested opening a window and waving something brightly colored to get a firefighter’s attention.