Red Cross makes educational visit to Reed City High School

REED CITY — Members of the Red Cross emergency response team were at Reed City High School last Thursday.

No worry. No emergency.

It was a “getting to know you” visit much appreciated by both students and Red Cross staff.

“We wanted kids to get better acquainted with the mission of the Red Cross,” said visit organizer and Red Cross education volunteer Patty Fasbender.

“Our young people hear about the Red Cross when there’s a blood drive or some emergency. They really don’t know all of what this organization does in and for the community.”

The Red Cross team showed up at the high school with their most recent acquisition — an emergency response vehicle that will become the mainstay of the emergency fleet once renovations are complete.

The local Red Cross was able to obtain the former ambulance from Mecosta County EMS at a very, very reduced rate.

“When we have a situation, we’ll be able to use this vehicle to feed those at the emergency and take care of those folks who are taking care of us,” said volunteer Cindy Marek.

The Red Cross staffer was ready to tell the young people about the many organizational offerings — lifeguard and babysitting classes, infant and child CPR, and even pet first aid.

“We really want to broaden the education of students as to what we really do,” said Marek.

“We hope to pass on information not only about what we do, but also about what they can do as volunteers with the Red Cross.”

A students gathered to see the response vehicle, volunteers explained what they could help do to make the community a better place to live.

“We have over 400 volunteers in Mecosta and Osceola counties,” noted volunteer Danny LaClear.

“There’s always room for more volunteers — in any number of jobs.

“There really is a way for anyone to help out - from responding to emergency scenes, to baking cookies.

“Every bit of help is help much needed.”