Reader praises Herald Review sports staff

To the editor,

With the 2020-21 school year completed, I would like to extend a note of thanks and gratitude to the sports staff and writers from The Pioneer Group.

My wife, Susan, and I coach cross country for the Reed City Coyotes. Throughout this past year, all athletes, coaches, and parents have been constantly dealing with guidelines and protocols associated with COVID-19.

We have had to change our normal operating schedules, add new procedures, and react to situations in real-time. It has been a struggle but we are very thankful to have had sports and the opportunity for athletes to perform.

The Pioneer Group sports staff, especially John Raffel and Joe Judd, have done an exceptional job continuing to cover all sports throughout this pandemic. As coaches, we want nothing more than our athletes to be recognized for their effort and hard work.

The coverage of events and the individual profiling of athletes has been wonderful. Athletes, parents, coaches, and the community appreciates your effort and hard work, too! Thank you.

Rich Saladin

Reed City