Reader frustrated with commissioners decision to oppose Whitmer's COVID orders

To the editor,

I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration with my county’s governing board.

Having lost 23 patients to COVID-19, I have, perhaps, a more personal hatred of this virus than my commissioners may have and I feel the need to stand firmly in opposition to their resolution to oppose the governor’s and state agency orders regarding COVID.

Their resolution states, “the coronavirus is primarily dangerous to those with comorbid factors."

This is true. Why it is stated as part of a resolution to ignore good medical advice is beyond my comprehension. Most of the deceased were older adults. Most had hypertension or diabetes or obesity or chronic lung disease. All are dead.

One of the commissioners feels that good medical advice is attacking his First and Second Amendment rights and is encroaching on “God-given” rights of his constituents.

He is an intelligent gentleman and I have to believe he said these things from an emotional rather than rational and intellectual position because the rules enacted have no bearing on ones freedom of speech, expression, religion or rights to own and bear firearms.

We are told that somewhere, people crowd into tiny greenhouses and in Indiana, there are no such draconian restrictions. I really have no interest in Indiana or tiny greenhouses. Both are easy to avoid.

I suggest that we Michiganders, and especially those of us who are born and raised in rural Michigan with all of its intrinsic challenges, show respect for each other and wear masks when in groups. Throw the thing away when alone in the woods. Avoid exposure whenever possible.

If, instead of making this virus part of our politics, we joined together as an intelligent community of humans, we could eradicate this virus more quickly. Contrary to the commission, our health care facilities cannot continue to handle spike after spike in case numbers and to suggest we can is dangerous.

Please reverse your resolution and join the folks who are fighting this pandemic with proven science and common sense.

Dr. Mark Zook

Reed City