Razzasque Days brings community together

LEROY — Family and friends reunited on July 10 and 11 in LeRoy during the village's largest event of the year.

The traditional Razzasque Days took place throughout the weekend, offering a variety of activities for individuals and large groups. Friday hosted a kids parade and fireworks, while Saturday offered a 5K, grand parade, sporting tournaments, car show, live music, chicken barbecue, scavenger hunt and much more.

Though she may have been the busiest person during the festival, Razzasque Days Board President Lori Servello was able to take the time and ensure everything went according to plan.

"I'm enjoying the whole community spirit here," she said. "Everyone is having a good time and it's bringing people out."

LeRoy resident Elaine Stieg found a cozy spot in the shade to set up her lawn chair and watch the action on the streets. She said her children and grandchildren were in town for the celebration.

"This is a tradition for us to come to the parade every year," Stieg said. "We've done it for 20 years,"

She enjoys seeing the number of individuals on the streets, enjoying what Razzasque Days has to offer.

"The car show is great, but I have to go to the bake sale and get something," Stieg added.  "We always have to get a kielbasa, too."

This year's schedule condensed events to keep attendees in town for a longer period, and Servello believed the plan worked well, as hundreds walked the downtown area going from attraction to attraction.

"We're happy to still see so many people in town, because usually they go home after the parade," Servello said. "I think we'll probably keep the same schedule next year."