REED CITY – RCHS Seniors spent their last day outside, enjoying the sunny weather and time with their friends. This day also had another meaning dear to their hearts. Advisor, Karen Shewan, and the RCHS student council organized another Pass for Class event.

Students in grades 9th through 12th grade were able to purchase a pass to get out of one class or purchase a bracelet which freed them for the whole day. Playing games of flag football or soccer, or walking the track were among the activities available.

Some chose to relax on blankets and just catch up with friends flipping through the pages of their yearbooks. The fundraiser was fashioned after the Relay for Life campaigns, however, with local ties. All proceeds raised from this event will be presented to former Reed City Graduate, Emily Pontz.

Bright pink T shirts printed with “Keep Calm and Fight On” were also sold to increase the funds. The football field, usually covered in black and red, was sporting a new color of pink in support of Pontz’s battle against cancer.

“Our goal is about $2000. I think it’s important for people to come together and help others. It’s even more special because she’s someone we all know.” says Wyatt Meese, a member of student council. With about 356 students participating this year, they exceeded that goal by raising $3500. Shewan expressed being very pleased with the turnout. ”It’s just an amazing amount from these kids. “