RCHS leadership class reaches out

REED CITY — Dedication can make a difference, and for members of the leadership class at Reed City High School, they know the reality because they’re living it. Someone else in their young lives had touched them deeply, but even before that they had made the decision to collect money to donate to the American Heart Association.

That was before one of the teachers in the school system, Angie Pontz, died. They already knew the story of her husband and a number of other members of his family who had a familial disease, and her husband, Kevin, had himself had a heart transplant.

“We already had decided to raise money for the American Heart Association, and actually started it on Sept. 20, at lunch, and by putting a container in the office,” one spokesperson shared. The decision had been made “before her passing, but then we knew we wanted to do it in her honor.”

And, so they did. Although some money had already been donated, they recall it really picked up after the decision to honor her was made known.

The leadership class members also said they also wanted to give a very special thanks to Mrs. Sherri Beam in the school office, who allowed them to place a container there and helped in the cause itself.

The group raised $203.77.

Members are now using time between classes to collect coins as a new fundraiser. This one is for breast cancer awareness.

They also are focusing on Veteran’s Day coming up, hoping to make something special as a token of their appreciation for those who have been a part of our nation’s military over the years. One suggested a pin: “Vets are awesome.” And they are, another said quietly.

Students are required to do eight hours of community service, “and we have lots of opportunities.” They can help with recycling, the Family Night program at Norman Elementary, selling football tickets, and a variety of other activities.

On Nov. 16, they will collect gently used hats, coats, mittens and gloves, scarves, boots, and turn them over to Mary Lou Proefrock who is well known in the community for heading a project that provides such items for those who are in need.

Plans later in the school year for the leadership class includes the Adopt-a-Highway involvement from 220th to Lakeola Road along U.S.-10, cleaning up the area along the highway. They said weather will not stop them.

Why are they involved in such things? One teen said it’s because it’s right. She’s right.