RCAPS responds to rumors of threats at school

Reed City Area Public Schools released the following statement via its website and Facebook page on Wednesday in response to rumors of threats at the school:

"At no time has there been a threat directed at school, students or staff. Rumors were directed at a family in our community.

All sources of the rumor have been investigated, and there is no documentation of any legitimate threat.

Increased security precautions have been put in place at all schools. Reed City Police officers are in each building and will be for the remainder of the week to provide a presence and assurance of safety for staff, students, and community members.

Access to all buildings is very limited and supervised. All normal security procedures are being followed, in addition to limited entrance access.

All recesses at the elementary will be indoors for the rest of the week.

The school district will investigate all rumors with the assistance of Reed City Police and respond appropriately. We will do everything in our power to ensure everyone’s safety.

When we have factual information regarding any safety related issues we will immediately share that information."

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