RCAPS hosts bullying session

REED CITY — Ron Glodoski, a national expert on bullying and substance abuse prevention will spend the day Wednesday at RCHS meeting with several groups of students.

Glodoski is well known for his workshops which deal with bullying along with other topics including, drug and alcohol abuse, learned behaviors and diversity, and choices and boundaries.

Having his own very troubled childhood full of abuse, he tells audiences how he survived and how he turned his life around. He discussed his personal choices that have made him what he is today. “Honesty is a reality check showing kids they really can change,” he states.

After taking off to the streets at a young age, Ron decided to break the cycle of what he had learned growing up. He eventually attended college and became a successful entrepreneur, having several home based businesses. He wrote the book, “How to be a Successful Criminal: The Real Deal on Crime, Drugs and Easy Money,” dedicated to helping others also see that they can transform their lives into something more meaningful.

Glodoski now meets with thousands of students frequently in schools, detention centers, and juvenile centers. His mission is to “... challenge kids to believe in the value of their lives, the importance of respecting themselves and others.”

He connects with those kids who are feeling left out and helps them to identify those personal attitudes which are increasing their isolation and decreasing their self esteem. He helps them also to see that there are ways for them to control what is happening instead of just accepting what is given to them in life.

In his workshops, Glodoski helps students to gain the knowledge and skills they need to avoid dropping out, avoid bullying and negative peer pressure, avoid making destructive decisions and to avoid substance abuse.

He then helps them to build character and increase self esteem, enforces healthy boundaries, and encourages respecting of diversity. Ron’s workshops are also beneficial to teachers, giving them the skills to recognize risks in students and discussing intervention strategies.

The anti-bullying committee started at the beginning of the school year has had fairly low attendance from community members.

Parents and mentors are welcome to become involved by coming to the next meeting scheduled for May 4, at the RCHS cafeteria at 6:30 p.m.

Glodoski will be presenting his topic “The Real Deal on Turning Kids Around.”

He will be challenging parents to examine their own attitudes and judgments that are making it difficult for them to identify with their children. Also helping them to see what stress and peer pressure is present in children’s lives nowadays and ways to help their children to determine what things in life to embrace and what to reject.

One important way for the community to help our troubled teens is to become involved in finding out ways to change how society is dealing with the issues. Audiences have expressed how Ron has really opened their eyes and their hearts to want to change the direction things are currently moving.

Help our youth to “Heal the past, change the present, and create the future.”