RCAPS 'Forget Me Not' game set for Dec. 6

REED CITY — The staff and students of Reed City Schools are no strangers to loss.

Within the last year, the passing of two teachers hit the community hard. Several faculty members, including Student Council advisor Karen Shewan, had been talking about doing something as a remembrance, but didn’t want to wait till Memorial Day.

“I wanted to do something with role models and show that some people leave a mark on us that change and influence how we live our lives,” Karen explains. “With several ideas in mind, the student council decided on the theme “Forget Me Not,” which would be present throughout the year.

The first act of remembrance will be during the boy’s varsity basketball game on Dec. 6. Student council will be giving everyone who comes to the game a glow stick to use during halftime.

The dance team, led by former Reed City student, Ashley Bregg, is very proud to be participating as well in this program. They will be performing a lyrical ballet, choreographed by dance team members, Sophomore Tristin Hartley and Freshman Natalie Baughan. These girls have been practicing hard to make this dance special for everyone.

Student council will also be selling yellow bands engraved with “Forget Me Not” for $5 a piece to students as admittance into a special dance on Dec 10. All students purchasing a bracelet will receive a star to write the name of someone who has influenced them and all the stars will then be placed on a banner displayed at the game.

Proceeds from these bracelets will not only fund the glow sticks at the game, but will also go towards two other special projects. First the student body will be providing Christmas gifts and dinner to a local family and secondly, the students will be presenting memorial gifts to the families of Mr. Sunderlin and Mrs. Pontz.