RC museum opens for season

REED CITY — An open house kicked things off for the opening of the Old Rugged Cross Museum in Reed City on Sunday, May 1. Although there wasn’t a large crowd on hand immediately after it opened its doors for the season, two youngsters found it an especially welcome place to visit.

The boys were out bike riding and stopped to see if it was open. One youngster put his bike down and peered in the window. He immediately became a “Norman Rockwell” moment, and subject of a photograph. When someone opened the door, he politely asked if the museum really was open, and how much did it cost to come in.

Assured that it had opened officially just moments before he arrived and there was no cost to come in, he and a friend took time for a tour and undoubtedly an open house snack before they left.

The museum has a vast array of research materials, historical artifacts, many records of interest to genealogists, and it even houses an old fire engine. There also is a working oil rig and display focused on that part of the area’s history.

The museum was named in honor of the late Rev. George Bennard, who is the author of the well-known hymn, The Old Rugged Cross. The Bennards once lived just north of Reed City. The home still stands, with a cross marking its location.

The museum will be open from 1-4 p.m. daily through Sept. 30.