RC Public Library plans move forward

REED CITY — There’s less than a year until the Reed City Public Library moves south, and lots of things are happening in preparation for that time.

It won’t be heading for a warmer climate in the “south”, but will move into new quarters along Chestnut Street just southeast of the high school.

A visit by students on a field trip to the present library located in the downstairs part of the old hospital on Upton Street gave a powerful glimpse of just how crowded conditions have become there.

The children crowded every available space as they moved in a small group through the library aisles, and checked out the various offerings already provided there.

But once the new library can be occupied, there will be some big, noticeable changes.

At the present library, most parking is along the side street on the east side. The library currently shares space with the District Court, and various offices, but there are times when parking is hard to find. Once the library moves “south,” there will be increased off-street parking and a drive-thru book drop.

In addition, plans call for a community room with a full kitchenette, audiovisual capabilities, and expanded seating capacity. That room will be available to the community as well.

The library serves not only Reed City residents, but also the townships of Cedar, Lincoln, Hersey, and Richmond in Osceola County, as well as the Village of Hersey, and those living in Green Township of Mecosta County and Pinora Township of lake County.

Plans call for additional computer terminals and increased laptop workspace, more space for books and other publications. One of the neat things will be that new materials can be added without discarding older ones, due to a lack of space.

Expanded outdoor programming will be available as well, thanks to the additional green space at the new location.

Another part of the planning calls for two private study rooms which can be used for individual study or as a meeting space.

There are so many ideas being turned into realities, and if you have a thought about wanting to help with the New Library Project, here are some ideas offered by the board:

Pledge forms are available at www.reedcitylibrary.org for those wishing to donate money toward the project.

Some folks are adding their loose change to piggy banks specifically marked for the library project in businesses throughout the Reed City area.

Perhaps you have professional goods or services that could help in the renovation project, or perhaps you would be willing to volunteer to help with the actual move.

There’s an online site called www.goodsearch.com that can be used as an internet search engine and for shopping. If you like, you can designate the library as your “charity” and the proceeds would go to the new library fund.

Used ink cartridges and Spartan labels are being collected at the Reed City Public Library.

Be sure to watch for future events supporting the project, including a carnival and a fundraiser dinner.

In addition, representatives of the library may be invited to speak about the project to organizations in the area, and everyone is welcome to attend the New Facility meetings held at 6 p.m. the second Monday of the month in the present library’s community room.

Anyone wishing additional information may go to the library website at www.reedcitylibrary.org, or contact Heather Symon at (231) 832-2131 or by e-mail at rclib@hotmail.com.

A large gift of $10,000 has been received as a private donations, and many smaller, but highly important ones as well. Grant possibilities are being explored through the fundraising committee as well, and the library is open to suggestions of other ideas people may have to help with the fundraising.