Quilt Show seeks big crowds, big winners

REED CITY — About 400 people attended the Crossroads Quilt show during the annual Crossroads Celebration in Reed City recently.

There were lots of quilts displayed at Trinity Lutheran School, along with table runners, crib quilts, wall hangings, and needlework as well.

Lots of smiles accompanied those who stopped to check out a “fish quilt,” and still others marveled at a variety of others, but the largest smile of all was on the face of a little girl named Kathryn Keller. She’s six. She’s a quilter. And a bit later, she learned that not only did she do a good job on her very first quilt, but she took first place in the youth division.

Kathryn said during the show that she loves to keep warm in her grandma’s quilts, and wanted to make one too.

That’s what she did. Her entry tag explained that “with the help of my Grandma Keller, I selected the fabric from her material scraps. I did all the sewing myself except for the binding. This is my first quilt and I plan to make more.”

It was Friday of the quilt show when she just beamed at those who asked about her lovely quilt, but Saturday, it was a whole new ballgame. Her quilt was selected by judges from the Crossroads Quilt Shop, Osceola League of Arts and Humanities, and the Crossroads Quilting Bee group.

First quilt. First show. First place. What more could any little girl ask. Well, maybe a cuddle from grandma.