Prichard earns Eagle Scout honor

Sunday night will long be remembered as a special one, for that was the night when Logan Prichard stood tall at the front of the Barryton Church of God during an Eagle Scout Court of Honor, and became the third of the Pritchard brothers to achieve that rank. Logan was surrounded by family, friends, fellow Scouts, and dignitaries as he took part in the ceremony. The solemn occasion was, at times, interrupted by laughter and by tears.

As a part of Troop 120, the 17-year-old Evart High School junior knew early on he wanted to follow the paths of his brothers Joseph and Steven and reach the coveted rank of an Eagle Scout. He worked hard to do that, and at times went the extra mile. He was required to earn at least 21 merit badges, and Prichard earned 26. The announcement of that achievement brought him a long round of applause.Prichard, his family, and many others went through a tough time together on the very day the youngster and his fellow Scouts were to build handicap-accessible picnic tables as his project. Word came that their Scoutmaster had fallen and was taken by ambulance to a hospital. Shortly thereafter, word came to the boys that he had died. On this night in May, Prichard stood in the Court of Honor and as the ceremony continued, he seemed to stand taller. A number of special people in his life spoke, including the new Scoutmaster, Eric Earle, and chairperson, Ann Lehman.

Pastor Gary Bryant gave the invocation, and one after another others added emphasis to what this young man had accomplished. The path to the rank of Eagle Scout was a long one, and the young man was deemed worthy of being included in what was described as “the highest and most coveted rank, one that fewer than four percent of all Scouts in the United State ever reach.”

It was an emotional moment when his mom and dad, Fred and Annette Prichard, placed his scarf commemorating this new rank.

It was repeatedly emphasized what a rare thing it was for one young man to achieve it, let alone three brothers in one family. It was noted that “to have one Eagle Scout in a family is wonderful, to have two is amazing, and to have three brothers, is almost unheard of.”

After administering the pledge to his brother Logan, Steven announced, “I present to you Eagle Scout Logan Pritchard,” and at that point the young man received another standing ovation.

Senator Darwin Booher read a message from Congressman Dave Camp, then told presented Prichard with a tribute signed by Booher and State Representative Phil Potvin.

Prichard’s pastor, Dick Latham, had high praise for the young man, saying he was very respectful, willing to help set up tables and help out, as well as be alert when the pastor read from “God’s holy word,” and Prichard was always willing to read scripture. In addition, he said Prichard always asked “very probing questions.”

When it was time for Prichard to present his mentor pins, he explained that an Eagle Scout presents them to those who mentored him. He selected his brother Joseph as his “trailblazer,“ the one who went before him and showed him the way. He chose as his “Example” mentor, his brother Steven who was always determined never to quit, and he selected Diane King to accept the mentor pin on behalf of his highly respected Scoutmaster, the late Carl King.

Another emotional moment as each received their mentor’s pin. Still another came when Ann Lehman shared that the Troop had been contacted earlier in the year with a request that information be submitted about the Scoutmaster, and that he would then receive the highest award for leadership in Scouting, the Silver Beaver Award. More tears came when she announced that it was truly believed he was deserving of that award, however, “he died without knowing we had done that.”

It was a proud night for Prichard and his entire family, and those who came to witness the culmination of much hard work that led him to the rank of Eagle Scout. When it was over, someone remarked, “You just know Carl’s smiling down on this tonight, mighty proud of that boy.” Three heads nodded in agreement.