Pre-registration for Gifts for Kids runs through Dec. 2

OSCEOLA COUNTY — The annual Gifts for Kids program is underway, hoping to make sure Osceola County children will be able to enjoy a gift-filled Christmas morning.

In its 36th year, Gifts for Kids is a partnership between churches and food pantries in Osceola County that wants to provide families a nice Christmas to those who may not be able to afford it, said John Klever, volunteer coordinator for the program.

Those who believe they qualify for the program must preregister with Love INC (In the Name of Christ) by Dec. 2.

“When they talk with Love INC, they will go through a questionnaire to determine if they are eligible,” Klever said. “Then, every child in that home would receive a gift appropriate for their age.”

Klever said families who register also receive a household basket that includes a board game to promote family time, socks and underwear, as well as some meat vouchers at local vendors.

The program, Klever said, always is seeking donations. There are no drop-off locations confirmed right now.

“Most of our donations are cash based,” he said. “Our shoppers then go out and pick out the age-appropriate gifts, which are all around the same price.”

The Gifts for Kids event will be on Dec. 10 at Evart Middle School.

To preregister for the program, call (231) 468-3204 or toll free at (877) 633-0556.

For additional information, visit