Potvin snow-day legislation makes progress in house

The House Education Committee has approved legislation that will give school districts that have experienced an excessive number of snow days additional flexibility in fulfilling the required amount of hours for the school year.

House Bill 4171 introduced by Rep. Phil Potvin, R-Cadillac, will keep the number of instructional hours required for a school year, but removes the requirement for minimum number of days. This flexibility allows schools to deliver the required amount of instruction to students while allowing schools to provide those hours in a way that works best for them locally to finish this school year.

“We haven’t seen this kind of winter in a number of years. Many northern Michigan schools have had their schedule hit by so many big snow storms this winter.  The legislation would give them added flexibility in their calendars to ensure students still get their education while not having to go into the third week of June.” Potvin said.

HB 4171 now moves to the House floor for consideration next week.