Potvin pushes for school ‘snowday’ relief

Proposed bill to provide flexibility for schools with a  lot of missing days

State Rep. Phil Potvin has introduced legislation that will give school districts that have experienced more than normal more snow days additional flexibility in fulfilling the required amount of hours for the school year. House Bill 4471 will keep the required number of hours for school districts, but removes the days requirement.   By keeping the hours requirement, schools will still need to provide the required amount of instruction hours to students, while giving the districts more flexibility to provide those hours in a way that works best for them locally to finish this school year. “It is extremely important that the students in our state are getting the required amount of education, but the large amount of snow this winter has put many school districts in a difficult place, with some facing the possibility of going to school well into June,” said Potvin, R-Cadillac. “This bill will help eliminate some of the problems that can come from going to school into the summer, while ensuring the students are getting all of their education.” State Rep. Wayne Schmidt, co-sponsor of the legislation, says the bill is necessary to allow school districts to make up the hours missed while not having to stay open longer into the summer. “Many northern Michigan schools have had their schedules affected by the high amount of snow days this year,” said Schmidt, R-Traverse City.  “School districts will have more options to manage their calendars with Rep. Potvin’s bill.” House Bill 4471 will be referred to committee next week.