Police warn of people impersonating Commission on Aging workers in Reed City

REED CITY — Police in Reed City are cautioning residents about a suspicious situation involving individuals claiming to be from the Commission on Aging.

The Reed City Police Department received a report involving two individuals in a dark-colored pickup approaching the residence of an elderly couple on Sunday, Jan. 21.

A white male with a slim build approached the residence and stated he was from the Osceola County Commission on Aging. He questioned whether the couple had heat, lights, water, etc. and then left. A second individual was in the pickup and believed to possibly have been a female. At this time the Reed City Police Department is viewing this as suspicious in nature.

The Osceola County Commission on Aging verified to police they did not send anyone to the residence and do not operate on weekends. The Commission on Aging also said they do not send anyone door-to-door and anyone wishing their services must first contact the commission. No further information is available at this time.

Anyone who experiences a similar occurrence is advised not to give out any personal information and contact 911 with any information, such as description of the subjects and, if possible, a license plate number.