Pine River student organizes water drive to assist Flint residents

LEROY — After he heard about the lead crisis in Flint's water supply and the thousands of people who were affected, fourth-grade Pine River student Scott Slocum sprung into action.

"I was worried because those people are part of my state and the water could affect others in my state," Slocum said "I was worried about the kids mainly, because they are the future."

With the help of his mother, a teacher within Lake City Area Schools, the 9-year-old organized a bottled water drive in the Pine River and Lake City districts beginning Jan. 25. Slocum said he hopes to collect at least 500 bottles through the event.

"I thought the drive would be a good thing to do," he added. "I thought the water will help people out when it gets to Flint. Just looking at the water we collected here I can tell there is quite a bit."

Teri Cosgrove, a library paraprofessional at Pine River, is proud of Slocum's initiative and attitude.

"Scott's desire to help other students, is only a testament of how this event has affected everyone — no matter the age," Cosgrove said. "It also shows that even though Scott may not understand any of the politics behind it, he could understand that students just like him were not able to have the basic most important element: water."

The drive will last until Thursday, Feb. 4. Donors can drop off water to Pine River Middle School between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Collections will be taken by truck to Flint residents.

"What makes me feel special is the drive is helping my school have an activity, but also knowing I'm helping other people," Slocum said.