Pine River increases state scores

LEROY — Scorecards and Top to Bottom list scores were released by the Michigan Department of Education on Aug. 13, and Pine River Area Schools is proud to announce significant gains on both the state-issued district scorecard and its individual schools’ advancements on the state-issued Top to Bottom list.

Most notably, Pine River Elementary and High School were recognized as Reward schools, a distinction reserved for the top 5 percent of the schools in the state and/or for those schools who most close the gap between low-achieving students and high achieving students.

Pine River's 2013-14 Top to Bottom School Listing shows the high school at the 86th percentile; the middle school at the 82nd percentile; and the elementary school at the 80th percentile. All three schools made significant jumps from 2012-13’s list.

Moreover, the Michigan School Scorecard shows the high school as a Yellow school and designates Pine River Area High School as a Reward school. The middle school has been designated as a Lime Green school, and the elementary also, has been listed as a Lime Green school with a Reward school designation. The District, overall, received a Yellow color status for its improvements and achievements.

“While we did a significant amount of work in the spring and over this summer—especially concerning Title I and At-Risk funded programs — accolades for these scores reflect the entire 2013-14 school year and rightfully belong to all teachers and staff in the Pine River Area Schools," said Superintendent Matt Lukshaitis. "Mr. Ganger, the superintendent, and the high school and middle school principals, Mrs. Kim Miller and Mr. Darrell (Willy) Holmes, along with interim elementary principal, Mr. Koenig (who replaced Mr. Thomas), are to be commended for their hard work as well. Increases in student achievement which are this significant are the product of planning, implementing, measuring and working hard. The students benefit as does the school system as a whole.

"We are proud today to look at our scores and we commit today to a continuous improvement process whereby we hope to replicate these types of gains and achievement gap closings every school year.”

More information can be garnered by viewing the district's website at and clicking on the district’s and schools’ Annual Education Report cover letters.