Petrol heads converge at Evart Car Show

EVART — Classic car owners are a different breed. They eat, sleep and love their cars 24 hours each day and take pride when putting them on display. They are meticulous when it comes to detail and keep the panels and windows waxed and sparkling.

More than 150 car owners gathered on Aug. 31 at East Riverside Park in Evart to show off their vehicles at the Evart Car Show. Many sat near their vehicles, willing and eager to answer questions, while others mingled under tents, talked motors with fellow enthusiasts or made sure their cars were worthy of a trophy. Others were happy to just be a part of the excitement.

Ed Rousseau, of Clare, has attended the Evart Car Show for the past 10 years and shows are one of the things he enjoys to do most in his life. Previously, he came to Evart with a Dodge Challenger.

This year, he came with a 1968 Dodge Charger painted in electric blue pearl. Besides perfecting the body work and paint, Rousseau restored the vehicle, which he calls his dream car.

“That’s the fun of it, to show it off,” Rousseau said. “The Charger rides better, it’s smoother and it has a bigger engine.”

Always been a fan of the Mopar brand, his first car was a 1960 Plymouth Valiant when he was 19 years old.

“My dad worked for Chrysler and I liked them since I was little. I’ve always had Chrysler products,” Rousseau added.

The makes and models of the cars spanned through the generations and showcased a number of bright and mellow colors.

Lake George resident Jerry Rodgers had one of the most unique and rare cars in Evart during the car show, with his 1947 Frazer sedan. The car was produced in Willow Run, along with its counterpart, the Kaiser. Rodgers said he had owned a similar car when he was 17 years old and wanted one later in life for nostalgia.

The car’s previous owner was an undertaker, who received the car from the estate of man whose funeral he performed. Rodgers then bought it from the undertaker 10 years ago.

“I like having it and taking it to shows,” Rodgers said. “It’s very unique.”

He not only owns two Frazers, but also owns a 1976 Chrysler, a 1968 AMC, a 1979 Ford, a 1964 Rambler and a 1942 Nash. He said he takes them to an average of 10 car shows each year and has attended the Evart Car Show for about three years.

“I’m having fun today,” he said. “It’s nice to be in the park and see all of the people come through.”

Local car fanatics also came to register their cars and have some fun.

Art Moyses, a LeRoy resident, decided to come to the Evart Car Show with his wife, friends and Oldsmobile Rocket 88, which he purchased three years ago. The car is original except for a modern air filter. He said this is his sixth year at the car show.

“I like the variety this year,” Moyses said. “It’s not all muscle cars and it’s not just cars from the 40s and 50s.”

Although he enjoys the Rocket 88, his dream car is the 1985 Rolls Royce he owns. He said it is an unusual car and receives a lot of looks when driving it.

The Evart Car Show is one of the three to four shows he attends each year, and said he is pleased with this year’s event.

“I’m kind of amazed,” Moyses added. “Some people that appreciate the cars are some that you wouldn’t anticipate.”