Out to lunch with Joe: China King

REED CITY — All right folks, I do believe it is time for the inaugural east meets west edition of the coveted Out to Lunch with Joe series.

I was going to put quotations around the word coveted in the previous sentence, but the fact that I used that word to describe this series all would be fittingly sarcastic enough I feel.


For this week, I decided to stop by China King, located on Howard St, in Reed City, within the same plaza that contains Family, Farm and Home, which is located right next door.

I know if I worked at FFH, China King would most likely be a destination for lunch at least two or three times every week, because the food served up there is so delicious.

As soon as I walked in and saw the picture of a dish of chicken lo mein, I knew my food choice had already been made for me. 

That is somewhat of an unprecedented statement, considering Chinese food is the one style of cuisine where I’m not really that much of a picky eater.

Whether it's egg drop soup, crab rangoon, szechuan chicken or anything in between, I’m a fan of probably more than 90 percent of it.

Everything on the menu looked and sounded so good, but there was just something about those lo mein noodles that caught my attention and wouldn’t let it go.

I couldn’t really tell what I liked better: the noodles, the chicken itself, or the delicious mixture of Asian vegetables swirled into this dish.

Perhaps it would just be easier for me to say that the entire meal was quality, with every ingredient playing its own essential role. 

I think that is one of the main reasons why I’ve always enjoyed Chinese food — the variety of flavors that can be found in just about every dish.

The way they all come together with every bite is nothing short of tasty, sometimes spicy, edible magic.

With every bite, it felt like I wasn’t getting any closer to the bottom of my plate, which really wasn’t a bad problem to have, if I’m being completely honest.

No need to be a hero, Joe, just finish the rest later at your leisure.

I’m happy to say that I did exactly that, and it was just as delicious as it was when I took my first bite earlier that afternoon.

Give the folks at Reed City’s China King a visit soon; it won’t be your last.

21867 Howard St., Reed City

Monday-Saturday: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

(231) 832-3888