Osceola schools join Art Attack

OSCEOLA COUNTY — The 22nd annual Art Attack event offered a great opportunity for teachers and students throughout the Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District to show off their creativity.

Artwork from students in elementary school through high school was submitted by teachers to be displayed at Artworks in Big Rapids for the month of March. Recently, families and friends of artists were invited to an open house to spend a few hours mingling with other artists, teachers and volunteers at Artworks.

Entries from Evart Schools and Reed City Middle and High Schools filled the walls and tables along with other schools from MOISD.

Art instructors were also present, fielding many questions from families and gaining inspiration from the many different forms of artwork.

Vicky Krantz from RCMS, Amy Maguire from RCHS and Jenneke Erbes from Evart Elementary and High School all agreed that they received a great deal of satisfaction from being able to help their students channel their creativity from within.

The talent displayed by students in these schools was remarkable.  Projects included oil pastel paintings, watercolor painting, photography, charcoal drawings, pencil drawings, clay figures, wire sculptures, acrylic paintings and more.

In continuing efforts to develop the artistic talents of young people throughout the area, many resources are available for parents on the internet, in local libraries, or in local art programs. Artworks, in Big Rapids (796 2420) and OLAH, Osceola League of Arts and Humanities, in Evart (734 9900) both offer art classes throughout the year.