Osceola Quilt Trail continues to grow with each block

OSCEOLA COUNTY — The Osceola Quilt Trail continues to grow, and efforts are underway to help push that growth throughout Osceola County and beyond.

Two more blocks are ready to be put up come spring, but with nice weather lately, they just might show up even sooner.

Currently, 77 blocks have been painted and put in place, creating a “quilt” stretching from one end of the county to the other and east and west as well.

There is one block without a home.  That block is called “Snail’s Trail.”  It is an 8-foot-by-8-foot block in purple and lime green, painted in honor of Donna Sue Groves.  According to the Osceola Quilt Trail Committee’s newsletter, she is the one who came up with the quilt trail idea 10 years ago.

Anyone wishing to be included in the next brochure needs to order a quilt prior to the February 1 deadline.  Plans call for printing 10,000 brochures for distribution.

The project received a Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs Grant in 2011 through the Greater Grand Rapids Arts Council.

That money went toward the creation and placement of 15 blocks for placement on public buildings throughout Osceola County.  There was no cost for those particular blocks.

Some of the blocks already along the Osceola County Trail were designed and painted by family members for homes or barns, including some centennial farms in the area and elsewhere.

Other blocks were designed and painted at a little shop in downtown Marion, where Elsie Vredenberg and her crew took on the task or guided the soon-to-be trail members in doing so.

The committee also has established a Facebook and blog page on the internet.  You can check those out by typing in the words “Osceola County MI Quilt Trail” and finding both sites, then bookmark them for future reference.