OSCEOLA COUNTY — Advertisers, business people, and residents of Osceola County will soon be seeing a new face representing the Pioneer Osceola Edition traveling throughout the extended neighborhood.

Danielle Brennan is joining the Pioneer team in the Osceola area as the new advertising representative, replacing Dawn Brock who is staying with the company, but moving to a different position in corporate sales.

Danielle has been working with the Pioneer out of Big Rapids as a graphic artists in the composition department.

As such, she is well acquainted with the technical side of advertising — creating and building ads that best address the wants and needs of her customers.

She has been with the company for five years, moving to this area from downstate and graduating from Ferris State University before marrying and building her family life in the area.

She previously worked with the Oakland Press newspaper system.

“I’m excited to be moving into his advertising position,” noted Brennan.

“It was time for a change. This is a good move for me. My background in composition will be a very good thing for my customers as well.

“I expect to be able to better help them in designing advertising that will best promote their products and services.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know each and every one of our customers, and doing whatever I can to best promote the great things going on in this community.”

Brennan is looking forward to her ‘new’ career.

“It’s a little nerve-wracking,” she said. “There’s much to learn.

“At the same time I’m excited about what we can do to help businesses in our community grow and prosper, and I want to be an effective part of that while giving our advertising customers the best and biggest bang for their buck.”