MASON COUNTY — An Osceola County woman has been arrested in a homicide case police began investigating on Friday in Scottville.

Police believe Patrick Michael-Thomas Bentley, 21, and LeShawn Whipple, 19, are responsible for the shooting death of Bentley’s 18-year-old sister, Lacey, and the strangulation of 28-year-old Fernando Ramirez.

Sheriff Jeff Fiers said the couple in custody in Ohio County, Kentucky, are believed to have shot Lacey Thursday night then waited for Ramirez to return from his second-shift job and strangled him early Friday morning. The four had been living in the single-wide trailer on Amber Road north of Sugar Grove Road for several months, according to the Ludington Daily News.

Mason County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched for a well-being check at the victim’s home, located at 3046 North Amber Road in Mason County’s Victory Township. Upon arrival, they discovered the bodies of Ramirez and Lacey Bentley.

Police say Patrick Bentley and Whipple fled the scene in a car Ramirez had borrowed from a friend. They picked up a minor boy in Osceola County, where Whipple is from, and fled the state. They were in Ohio County, Kentucky, when they ran out of gas.

The minor boy went from house to house pounding on doors, which generated a 911 call. The two suspects were seen on foot with backpacks and fled on foot when approached by a deputy.

The case remains under investigation. For more information on this story, continue to check