Osceola County hires Tim Ladd as new coordinator

EMS director to leave Mecosta County in November

OSCEOLA COUNTY — Following several months of searching and interviewing, the Osceola County Board of Commissioners offered the position of county coordinator to Tim Ladd during a recent special meeting.

Board chairperson Mark Gregory said that after conducting two interviews with the candidates, the board moved to hire Ladd as the new county coordinator.

“He interviewed excellently, he is from the county which made him more appealing because he is vested in the county, and he has an extensive background in local government,” Gregory said. “We look forward to working with him and are hoping for good and bright things in the future.”

Ladd is currently the Mecosta County EMS director and will be leaving that position around mid-November to begin his position as county coordinator.

“I'm excited and humbled to have been offered the Osceola County coordinator position,” Ladd said. “I am looking forward to working for Osceola County once again. I look forward to working with all the departments within the county.”

Ladd said that he previously spent 15 years with Osceola County as a paramedic and station coordinator, but his desire to obtain a position in EMS management lead him to leave.

He was offered the EMS director position with Mecosta County and has spent the last 14 years in that position.

“I am grateful to Mecosta County for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to serve and to lead,” Ladd said. “I definitely would not be the leader I am today without the mentoring from the county administrator and the board of commissioners, and the other departments I was able to work with.

“The positive atmosphere and the culture I have been fortunate enough to experience at Mecosta County definitely motivated me to continue to grow professionally and to explore my career options,” he said. “I felt the timing was right in my career to apply for the coordinator position. I feel confident I have gained the knowledge and the education to be successful in the position.”

Ladd said he plans to create a culture where good people can grow and be proud of the direction they are going, to give department heads the tools they need to be successful and will always be looking for the best ways to serve the residents of Osceola County.

“While I feel I have the education and knowledge to hit the ground running, I understand the importance of spending time the first few weeks getting to know the staff throughout all the departments,” he said. “Spending time listening to the staff, as well as spending time with the board of commissioners will be important as we lay the groundwork for going forward.”

In addition to his time as EMS director, Ladd was elected as supervisor for Osceola Township in 2016 and has spent time serving as the zoning administrator for the township the last four years.

“My desire to serve and lead prompted me to run for office in my township,” Ladd said. “My time serving as township supervisor has provided me with the opportunity to learn and grow while gaining knowledge at the local level of government.”

Although Ladd grew up in the thumb area, his parents were born and raised in Evart and he spent a lot of time in Evart while growing up. After college and paramedic school, he moved to Evart, where he and his wife, Sara have raised their three children.

Sara has been a teacher with Evart Public Schools for 27 years.

“Most importantly, I am thankful and blessed to have a wife and family that have always supported me with my career,” Ladd said.

Former county coordinator Susan Vander Pol’s contract with the county ended on August 31.

The board of commissioners voted 5 to 2 in favor of allowing Vander Pol’s contract to terminate during a meeting in May and began looking for her replacement.

Vander Pol was recognized by the commission for her 26 years of service during a meeting in August.