Osceola County considers additional millages

MSU 4H and Veterans services request funding

OSCEOLA COUNTY — To tax or not to tax, that is the question. The Osceola County Board of Commissioners were asked to consider placing two new millages on the upcoming ballot during its recent meeting.

“MSU 4H is asking for a millage proposal to go on the ballot,” Osceola County coordinator Tim Ladd told the Herald Review. “They are still working through their budget process to determine how much it would be. Veterans Services is also asking the board to consider placing a millage on the ballot.”

The Veterans millage proposal presented to the board asked for 0.02 mills for four years through 2026 “for the purpose of funding, equipping, staffing, maintaining and operating the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

Taxpayers in Osceola County have previously approved millages for the Commission on Aging, Emergency Medical Services and Sheriff’s Department Road Patrol.

Voters approved a renewal of the COA millage for one mill for a period of six years, and the renewal of the EMS millage of 1.33 mills for a period of six years in 2020. They will be up for renewal again in 2025.

The Road Patrol millage of one mill, approved in 2016, expired in December 2021 and is up for renewal again this year.

Ladd said he presented the board with the information regarding the current millages being levied, along with information about the new millages, and what the total levy would be if all of them passed for commissioners to consider in their discussions.

“This was to help them, as they move forward, to decide if they want to allow additional millages or if they have enough already,” he said. “The two that they have to consider right now are the MSU 4H and the Veterans Services.”

He added, if they elect to put them on the ballot, they will need to determine when they want it on the ballot – when is the best opportunity for people to come out to vote and support it.

“Do we put those on the August ballot or wait until November?” Ladd asked. “Those are the discussions we will be having over the next month or two.”

He said the decision would need to be made by March so that there is time for the language of the ballot to be approved by legal council and returned to the clerk’s office by April.

The board will continue to discuss the issue in upcoming meetings, he said.