Osceola County Sheriff's Office had 505 calls for service in August

Monthly calls have averaged more than 500 this summer

OSCEOLA COUNTY — The Osceola County Sheriff's Office fielded more than 500 calls last month to finish out the summer.

In its monthly report, the Osceola County Sheriff's Office had 505 calls for service in August and the corrections staff booked 55 subjects into the jail.

The largest category of calls in August related to traffic. Deputies responded to 94 vehicle accidents that resulted in either property damage, personal injury or a vehicle run off the road. In a combined line item, deputies made traffic stops and/or assisted motorists 50 times. In addition, there were four parking/traffic complaints, four abandon vehicles and one report of a stolen vehicle.

There were 36 calls involving assault and battery, domestic violence, sexual assault, a disorderly person or threats; and 30 calls involving breaking and entering, larceny, fraud or bounced checks. Thirty-two calls involved suspicious situations, stalking and/or missing person.

August's 505 calls is comparable with the number of calls earlier in the summer: 522 in July and 512 in June. According to previous reports from the sheriff's office, monthly calls picked up in May with 532 calls after three months of sub-500 calls: 446 in April, 473 in March and 357 in February.


Calls for service between Aug. 1-31

• 505: total number of calls

• 55: subjects booked into jail

• 6: 911 hang up/open line

• 9: alarm

• 4: abandon vehicle

• 36: assault and battery, domestic violence, disorderly person, threats, sexual assault

• 17: assists

• 26: area checks, be on the lookout

• 21: animal control, DNR

• 30: breaking and entering, larceny, fraud, NSF Checks

• 19: civil

• 36: check wellbeing, attempt to locate, suicidal, mental illness

• 19: child abuse, runaway, juvenile calls

• 54: misc., follow up, interviews

• 9: malicious destruction of property

• 4: parking, traffic complaint

• 17: paper service

• 94: property damage accident, personal injury accident, road run off

• 12: PPO violation, warrants, obstruction, PV

• 50: traffic stops, motorist assists

• 8: trespassing

• 1: stolen vehicles

• 32: suspicious situations, stalking, missing person

• 1: VIN inspection