Osceola County Sheriff's Department purchases trailer with donations from businesses

OSCEOLA COUNTY — The Osceola County Sheriff's Department is now the proud owner of a bright, shiny new trailer which can be used for a variety of purposes.

The Osceola Sheriff Incident Command Emergency Response trailer was purchased entirely through donations from numerous Osceola County businesses.

Deputy Andrew Salinas saw the need for the trailer and after getting permission from the Osceola County Commission, he began collecting money to put toward the purchase of the trailer.

The trailer was purchased last fall for $10,700. A total of $13,000 was collected, with the remaining funds being used for lettering the trailer and other costs.

"The need has always been there, but we would've had to take money from something else to purchase it," Salinas said. "This enhances our ability to protect and serve without taking away from another area."

The trailer can serve as an incident command center in the event the Osceola County Dive Team is called out, there is an active shooter, or any other type of emergency which may require law enforcement to gather on site and form a plan of action.

The trailer also is useful for hauling the sheriff's department's ORVs and storing other equipment in one convenient location, Undersheriff Justin Halladay said.

"It's great for the dive team to change and store their equipment," Halladay said. "In the past, if the team was called to a location and the search lasted for more than a day, the guys would have to haul their gear back and forth. Now we can leave everything in the trailer and lock it up."

Halladay is please with the purchase of the trailer and all its multipurpose uses.

"It's a real asset for us and we're excited to have it," he said.