OCCF gets its ‘home base’

REED CITY — It will be a good day. A long-awaited day.

Thursday, June 16 will be a day members of the board and supporters of the Osceola County Community Foundation have known would come, but had wondered how, if, and why.

With generous support of the Gerber family, the OCCF team now have a ‘home base’ — an office from which they can operate more professionally and answer the needs of the community more efficiently.

A festive Open House for the Osceola County Community Foundation office, adjacent to the Reed City Chamber of Commerce office in The Depot, will be held on Thursday, June 16, at 1 p.m.

Everyone is invited.

Foundation president Alan Bengry is looking forward to the occasion.

Bengry is excited — and well he should be.

For many years, the “head office” of the Osceola County Community Foundation was located anywhere the briefcase of the organization’s secretary happened to be sitting.

The administrative center of one of the most influential outreaches in the county was basically a post office box, and the phone number of anyone you happened to know was on the board of directors at that time.

Any outreach coordinator or community organizer will tell you that’s no way to run a business — or a charitable organization for that matter.

Things have changed for the local Foundation.

After receiving a substantial donation from the Gerber family, construction began last winter on a new, and permanent ‘home’ for the Foundation.

By March, things were largely wrapped up enough for the Foundation to hold the 19th Annual Membership Meeting in the organizations new home. Those attending had a chance to visit the new Foundation office, adjacent to the offices of the Reed City Chamber of Commerce and the depot’s Community Room.

“This is something we’ve known was needed and we’ve really dreamt of for a long time,” reported Bengry.

“The Gerber family donated all of the construction costs and we have also received very generous donations from other Foundation supporters that will cover the expense of furnishing and supplying the office.

“This office will give us a permanent location at which people can contact and do business with the Foundation.”

Bengry noted he believed there will not only be organizational benefit to having a permanent home, but there should be a certain financial benefit as well.

“Research shows that if an organization has a physical location - a place to call home — people are more aware of the group, business, or organization,” he pointed out.

“Foundations that have an actual address and somebody answering questions ‘live time’ are more successful than those who depend on a less organized structure.

“We are really looking forward to getting settled in this new office. It is something we’ve been working toward for many years. The donation by the Gerber family, and great cooperation from the City of Reed City has really brought this dream to fruition.”