Nostalgic wedding held at RC Depot

REED CITY — Many people call such things “mere coincidences,” for others refer to them as “experiencing God moments.”

Such were the plans and special moments and memories leading up to the marriage of Dan Owaski of Sault Ste Marie and Luanne Teesdale, formerly of Hersey.

The weather was beautiful for their July 2 wedding at the Reed City Depot. “There was a nice little breeze, and no one could have asked for a better day,” it’s said.

The day. That day was just a day after the day her parents married half a century before. Terry and Jan Teesdale had been married on July 1, 1961 at the EUB Church in Reed City, now the site of Reed City United Methodist Church.

Wedding plans called for their third daughter’s marriage to come a day beyond their date, however, allowing travel time for others to come and be a part of their own very special day.

And yet, it actually coincided with this new groom’s daughter’s birthday, thus they share their special date with Vanessa Owaski-Patzwald.

Jan Teesdale explained that their great-granddaughter, Olivia Laugavitz, was the flower girl, and the groom’s grandson, Colton, the ring bearer.

Speaking of the flower girl, the basket this child carried has a long history. Lois Mosher of Reed City made it years ago and Jan Teesdale was the flower girl who carried it in her wedding. Then Lois’s daughter, Carol McKernan of Reed City, carried the basket as the flower girl for Jan’s wedding.

Karen Teesdale was the flower girl for Carol’s wedding, and carried that same little basket.

And then it became the basket for the Teesdale girls weddings as well. And for their oldest grandson’s (Lance Laugavitz) wedding, and this now then the great-granddaughter of the senior Teesdale’s, it was Olivia’s turn to carry it.

Jan shared that the Linda is the “keeper of the basket now, so if someone dies it won’t get sold. Or thrown out. It’s held together with glue and paint right now, so it would be easy to think, ‘who wants this old thing?’ Someone will.

The basket isn’t the only thing “special” that’s been carried in this family’s weddings. At this most recent wedding, Luanne, the bride, carried the ring bearer, and the flower girl walked down the “aisle” holding tightly to her grandpa’s hand.

The pre-wedding plans called for special projects. Luanne made favors with bags of dice for a special game, complete with the rules for playing “Smoke” at the reception. Jan explained that had been a favorite game of Luanne’s grandma, Doris Ziegler, who had taught it to the kids, and the grandkids, and on down the line.

Giving gifts of the games, was giving gifts of the grandma who was certainly present in memory, and they passed her on.

Jan said the relationship between her daughter and this newest son-in-law was “wonderful, and one of the first things she did was buy a car seat for that grandchild. At the wedding, his son gave him (the groom) a kiss, and it brought tears to our eyes.”

She added that Chuck and Barb Schneider of Reed City sang at the wedding, and Jan and Terry’s oldest grandson, Lance Laugavitz “played like classical guitar, with the music transposed from organ to guitar. “

The list goes on as far as how special it was to be, and is to this family, and the new one just formed.

Mary St. Antoine and the groom’s son, Dan, stood up with them, “and Terry and I stood up with them as well, so when Terry walked our daughter down the aisle, he just stayed right up there. We were so happy, and have no doubt they are even happier if that’s possible.”

Couple other memories to add. “All the wildflowers were family and friend-picked the day before the wedding, then put in blue jars,” Jan said. “When everyone comes home, you want to spend every minute together, so instead of spending time in a restaurant or cooking in our kitchen the next day, we took 30 people to Albright Camp the next morning for breakfast.

“I didn’t have to cook and I didn’t have to clean up. In fact, some of the family actually stayed out there in cabins over the weekend and had a ball. Want to hear something else? The girls had reserved the depot last year for an anniversary party for us, and it turned into a wedding besides. What better way could we celebrate?”

And the honeymoon? Well, the bride and groom both love baseball, so they headed off to a Tiger game. Sitting next to one another, their shirts read “Just Married” and then at the end of the sixth inning, the scoreboard exploded into “Just Married: Luanne and Dan Owaski.”

Memories? Oh, my. Let us count the ways.