REED CITY — Armed with pedometers, all 700 students at Reed City’s Norman Elementary School became official members of the Student Walking Club that just got underway last week.

It’s fun, but it’s far more than just that. The youngsters are taking part in the initiative to fight childhood obesity. Getting more exercise and learning better eating habits are just two ways they can get healthier and remain that way.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is funding the program, and the Lakeland Shrine Club has come through with a fun and accurate way for the children to keep track of their efforts. Each one received a pedometer, thanks to the generosity of that organization.

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, the school became a wave of children and adults who began in the gym, then walked around the school as the kickoff kicked off.

They will earn tokens for reaching their walking goals, and once a month “jazzy” music will set the beat as everyone goes on All School Walk around the school. The beat will be heard throughout the hallways and help pick up those feet and set them down, getting healthier while having fun.